The price-list for placing of text and graphic advertising for pages TIO.BY

The name

The Size and position

The Description

The Price with VAT (euro)


TOP –  

An extension

At the top of page a through banner-extension

size: 100%Х60


It is displayed on all pages of a site. It is especially effective at bright animation advertising and for brand advancement.





The Top right banner

size: 240Х400

It is displayed on all pages of a site except a photo gallery and a forum. The big size of the advertising area allows you brightly and informatively to be allocated on portal pages

1 from 1

124/ week

1 from 2 

65/ week


1 from 3

47/ week



Right 1

Banners under voting   size: 240Х200

It is displayed on all pages of a site except a photo gallery and a forum. Inexpensive, but an effective variant for maintenance of interest to the name or services..

25/ week


Right 2

20/ week 


News 1

Banners-extensions in a text field

size: 100%Х60

Despite of the sizes, it is the most appreciable banners as are in the most readable places of a site. Are displayed on news pages of a site, including on the main page. Are effective in the form of static pictures or the soft animation which are not causing irritation of readers.

50/ week


News 2

30/ week


News 3

The Banner-extension under a text field

 size: 100%Х60

It is displayed on news pages of a site,

Including on the main page before blogs. In difference from news 1 and 2 is not in a text field, therefore assumes brightness and dynamism.

20/ week


Article with a logo


Your article in the chosen thematic heading with display to the main page of a site in a current of days. signs it is not limited..

18/ day 

Cost of manufacturing of a banner is not included into placing cost.


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